Your dental journey starts at the first check up appointment, where we will take a thorough history and examine every tooth, update x-rays and take images to inform you of your treatment plan.We offer a comprehensive dental scale, polish and fluoride treatment with all our check up appointments. Keeping on top of your oral hygiene is the impetus to optimum oral health, and we encourage regular visits.


Dental fillings are an easy way to restore cavities, worn down and broken teeth to prevent further decay, damage and pain. We offer a range of tooth coloured fillings that are durable and aesthetic.



Oral surgery

We take care of all your surgical needs:

- Tooth extractions

- Dental Implants

- Wisdom Teeth

- Bone Grafting

We perform gentle dentistry, and will ensure your comfort with these more invasive dental procedures

Root canal Therapy

Root canal therapy in most cases is a great option to save teeth that have started to ache or have undergone infection, without extracting them. It involves removing inflamed or infected nerve tissue with special files while shaping and disinfecting the canals in the roots of the tooth. Once completed, the canals are sealed with a thermoplastic material. We have the latest rotary technology and cone beam x-ray equipment to ensure your root canal treatment is completed to the highest standard.


Removable dentures can provide a fantastic, non-surgical solution to replace mulitple missing teeth. They can be made from a mix of acrylic or metal and can be modified or repaired easily. Patients with existing dentures can also have them re-lined to compensate for the jaw's natural shrinkage over time.

Crown & Bridge

Crowns are caps for the teeth, made out of either tooth coloured ceramic or metal material, and aim to restore function and aesthetics to heavily filled, cracked or root canal treated teeth. Bridges replace missing teeth while using adjacent teeth as anchors by crowing them.

Mouthguards & splints

When it comes to safety, there is no comparison between a professionally fitted mouthguard and a "boil & bite" retail one. Wearing a well fitted mouthguard not only protects teeth from trauma but also the surrounding soft tissues and the skull.

Night splints are protective guards worn for those with nocturnal grinding habits as part of a holistic approach to treatment.

whitening & veneers

Tooth whitening can be done safely under the guidance of your dentist with great results. One thing to keep in mind is that whitening has its limitations for example on teeth with fillings or intrinsically darker shades. Here we make clear trays that are custom fit to your mouth, that can then be used to apply take home whitening gel efficiently but safely to your teeth.

When we wish to modify the shape or shade of teeth with ultimate precision and a natural finish, veneers are an excellent solution for creating your ideal smile. As there is no such thing as a "perfect smile", veneers are custom tailored to your personal aesthetic goals.

gum disease treatment

Gum disease affects many individuals both young and old, and has been proven to affect overall health and well being. The disease process starts with plaque and tartar build up, attracting bacteria that breaks down components of the gum, supporting ligaments and bone. While smoking and diabetes can accelerate this process, maintaining excellent oral hygiene can help to counter the progression of gum disease.

Here we offer general scale and clean services as well as deeper scaling which involves a combination of manual hand instruments as well as mechanical ultrasonic scalers to ensure a thorough clean.